Stories of the Slave Trade

Here you will find links to the stories our team has uncovered through our research. These stories tell the experiences of men, women and children sold in New Orleans with ties to Virginia.

  • Jack, a carpenter

    In 1830, Jack, a 26 year old carpenter, boarded a ship bound for New Orleans. Jack was enslaved and had been sold by John Walker of Norfolk, Virginia to slave trader Paul Pascal. In Norfolk, Jack was one of two enslaved people Walker owned. Walker lived on Cumberland Street in downtown Norfolk, and Jack likely… Read…

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  • Jenny, an 11 year old girl

    Jenny, an eleven year old girl was purchased in Norfolk, Virginia by slave trader James Barnes Diggs and transported to New Orleans, Louisiana on the Brig Ajax, captained by Robert H. Banks of Norfolk, Virginia. The ship arrived in New Orleans on March 24, 1829. Jenny’s name appears on the manifest filed with notary Hugh… Read…

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  • Sarah, an enslaved woman

    On March 7, 1838, an enslaved young woman named Sarah was sold at auction for $400. Sarah had been owned by Dr. Augustus Davezac, son of the U.S. ambassador to the Netherlands and a well off physician who lived in New Orleans. The Davezac family had lived in Accomac, Virginia until shortly after the War… Read…

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